In 98’, a young man had a vision of making Dance a way of life, and today you have in front of you,
The Raack Academy of Dance.


After 16 years, we have to our credit over 5000 shows and trained more than 30000 students. We have been associated with the biggest names of the television and film industry and worked with the giants of the corporate world. We have been present at the most happening events ever…




Mr. S. Ramash, the director of Raack Academy of Dance, is known for his innovative style of choreography, his brilliant sense of creativity and not to mention his ability to make ANYONE dance.


Dance is an in-born talent for Ramash. He constantly explores within himself and succeeds in creating masterpieces that are one of a kind. His sheer dedication to the art of dance has made him an internationally recognized dance choreographer and teacher today.


Ramash strongly believes Dance as a medium of expression which forms the basis of his teaching techniques and thus rightly describing Raack Academy as
The Place For Self-Expression


Ramash has also worked as a choreographer for Pop Albums and Movies like,