At Raack Academy, we have classes for everyone from the little ones to adults. The students undergo rigorous training in the basics of dance that creates a strong foundation. The students at Raack Academy are taught Freestyle Dancing concentrating on styles like Jazz and Hip-Hop where the students are encouraged to develop their individuality in Dance. The bottom-line is for a fun-filled session of dance that keeps you fit and energetic, Raack Academy is where to be.


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Raack Academy also conducts workshops in dance specially designed to cater to the needs of the students. These include workshops for corporate companies that prove to be effective stress-busters.

If you require something exclusive for you, we have it ready with us.


Ramash has conducted a series of international dance workshops in the latest sensation, BOLLYWOOD DANCE. This workshop captures the magic of Bollywood and focuses on the dramatic expressions and vibrant movements that have captivated people in every corner of the world. Ramash has taken this workshop to France, Canada, USA and Singapore which were a grand success and left them yearning for more.


Wherever you are, any corner of the world, we’ll come to you. What are you waiting for, call us now!