We are Raack – the amplifiers of dance as a way of life in South Chennai.

Raack is an independent dance academy exclusively for Kids and Adults wishing to start and go a long way in their dance journey. Raack believes in creating movement-based art and commits in bringing out every individual’s uniqueness through the powerful expression of dance!

We aim is to make you the best version of yourself with energetic and joyful moves.

Our philosophy is simple – Dance is universal – it is not confined to a single style or version.

It is like water that takes after the shape of the container it is in! We ensure our students well understand the element of dance and adapt to any form of it by celebrating the beauty in it.

The magic is in the coffee

Our founder Mr. Ramana Balaji is a strong believer of the thought ‘Dancing is thinking’.

Your thoughts flow freely every instant, similar to your dance moves. He believes that there is no limit in innovating and hence have a whole path of creativity to own up your dance style!

Raack is here to act as a bridge connecting you with the element of dance within you!

Registration For Season 2021-22 Is Open Now

So What’s next?

we’d love to hear from you. get in touch!