Do you want to sweat out in style?

It is high time to engage yourself in the fitness journey that you have been yearning for so long! At Raack, our trainers make it a top priority to make you sweat those extra calories in style by dancing to your favourite numbers of all time! Our stress-free cardio-dance routines and Zumba lessons are curated for persons at every level for a smooth and energy building workout.

Sculpt your body with our Dance Fitness classes. Enrol today.

Do you want to discover your body like never before?

How the program is designed?

  • Weekly classes
  • Fun-filled song playlists.
  • Burn calories and build a healthy body.
Your fit body transformation starts with YOU! Register for a trial class today.

Do you want to take up a fit lifestyle in the most fun way?

Program Perks

  • Healthy lifestyle.
  • Train under International Zumba Instructors
  • Interesting cardio workouts.
  • Fun Fitness
  • Perfect balance of physical and mental health.

An hour of dance can burn up to 450 calories and is one of the most joyful ways of losing that extra pound of yours. If you want to start looking good and build your confidence, then our Dance Fitness Program is made just for you. With our fusion of workouts, never feel bored or low. Keep track of your goals and see your body glow positively with happiness.

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