Do you want to recreate your favourite songs with your iconic moves?

Hit the floor with our distinctive Film Cover sessions to dance your feet off to the latest numbers and tracks of the Indian film industry. Kollywood, Tollywood, Bollywood and what not! Learn from the best and recreate the steps of your favourite film stars in the most perfect way.

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Do you want to be the latest sensation of YouTube through hit choreography?

How the program is designed?

  • 1 Top trending song every month
  • Intense choreography
  • Practice with peers
  • Coordination and Teamwork
Ready to be the next dancing sensation? Enrol today!

Do you love working as a team and coordinate movements together?

Program Perks

  • Staying in line with the trend of dance.
  • Chance to feature in Social Media Platforms.
  • Dance Battles.
  • Workshop Certificate.

If you love to dance to every song of your playlist, why not perform it in a professionally? Here is your chance to grab the opportunity of dancing to the tunes of India today and become a hit tomorrow. What’s more, you get to enjoy each and every move along with the song and let free of worries on the dance floor!

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