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The Enchanting Train
Broadway style Dance performance

Raack academy in collaboration with its sister concern “raack entertainment” brings to you a world class theatrical experience of Broadway style storytelling finely blended with dance that will tingle every emotion of yours.

This summer camp isn’t going to be just a camp, this year for the first ever time chennai will witness a Broadway style staged performance in one of the premium auditoriums that will be a premium experience for both performers and audience.

While our train gets loaded with our power- packed performers from april 29th - may 20th with our 18 hours long workshop which will enable every participant not only to dance effortlessly but how to stage and understand the entire act around that dance performance.

Grand finale event date

MAY 21st & 22nd

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What are we bringing to you?

Detailed learning and in-hand experience about organizing and performing in a theatrical

First ever Broadway style staged play in Chennai with World Class professionals

Importance of Role play & emotional indulgence in any performance act

Importance of Stage positioning with live handling of props on stage during the act

Importance of lighting & costumes and a detailed process of executing and designing

And dance, obviously! But this time it is beyond just dance

What is Enchanting Train

Ever thought about getting on a train that takes you everywhere you think about while you are sleeping? Like you are happy and enjoying a journey and you sleep to visit a place where there are all the good things in the world. Well, let’s not think about Ghosts! Now imagine experiencing this on a live stage.